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Over 30 years of medical recruiting experience. Will stop at nothing to find the right people for you.

Commitment to Personalized Service.

Every business has different needs. We know how important it is to hire someone who meshes with your team. ​

Candidate Screening.

We personally screen and interview all candidates.  Ensuring we find the best.

Eliminate Advertising Costs.

We handle all job board postings and advertising internally. No cost to you.

Time Sensitive.

Due to an extensive internal database of pre-vetted candidates and industry connections, we are able to work fast without losing quality.

Cost Incentive.

Spend our time. Not yours. Saving wages spent on staff interviewing and screening candidates.

Hiring Options
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Direct Permanent Placement


MEDMATCH identifies and refers professional candidates that have been qualified, credentialed, interviewed and tested.  This allows our clients the opportunity to select the candidate that best fits their needs.  MEDMATCH works on a retained, exclusive contingency or contingency basis.



Temp To Perm



There are two programs to choose from.  If a client decides to hire a MEDMATCH temporary employee at any time after they have begun their assignment, the direct hire fee applies.  This fee will be waived if the employee has worked 1000 or more hours for the client.  If the client chooses to hire the temp employee before the 1000 hours have been worked, then the fee will be prorated based on the number of hours worked.  For example, if they have worked 500 hours, the direct hire fee is ½ the full fee.


Temporary Staffing



MEDMATCH provides medical professionals for all of your staffing needs.  The candidate is a MEDMATCH employee and MEDMATCH assumes all liability including hourly pay and any related payroll taxes.  If the temporary employee doesn’t meet the client’s expectations within 90 days, MEDMATCH will replace them so that we may find the perfect match for your facility.  No additional fees apply.

**  Ask our recruiters about pricing and payment options.

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Let's get started.

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